Shutdown CT not working if connected to battery AND power supply

Started by soundcheck, February 18, 2014, 03:35:19 am

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I've got a problem.

If CT is connected to a battery AND a standard powersupply at the same time, CT won't shutdown via command "shutdown/halt" etc.  After executing the shutdown CT just restarts.

If I'm running the CT either on battery OR mains supply, the software shutdown works properly.

It requires a hard power-off via button to get the CT down if both supplies are connected.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve the issue??

I had the idea to have a look at the PMU section of fex.  But it is not well documented and the documentation that's available - at least the one that I found - doesn't even reflect the latest CT fex file.

Any help is appreciated.




I do not really understand all those PMU functions in the fex file.

Wild guess:

Could it be that the board resumes as long as the battery gets charged!?!?

What's needed then is a .fex switch to disable this behavior.

Let's find the switch. ;)