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ALSA not working

Started by cedeckovec, March 11, 2013, 06:31:15 am

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Hi all

Im new Cubie user please help me.

When installing any linux distribution all working fine audio and video and other apps.

But not working ALSA - puredata and all synthesizer no produce sound. Please help me. (ubuntu, debian and fedora same problem).

Thanks help



Are you trying to produce sound over HDMI or on line out?

The default output device is HDMI so if you haven't passed a command to ALSA to output sound on the other device, it will be done on HDMI.

Check out this thread for info on how to set the correct output device:,154.0.html
You should also find some info on there on how to use alsamixer to make sure your levels are right. It might pay to do a fresh install of alsa-base and alsa-utils.

Good Luck.


Im using line out.

Aplication like mplayer or smplayer WORKING FINE - video and audio (like mp3 , wav) sound good.

But all ALSA synthesizer not working - no produce sound (like puredata, csound, chuck, alsa modular synth, Zynaddsubfx).

Im testing all distribution of berryboot - all same problem !

Please Cubie team make new kernel for support ALSA synthesizer (my RaspberryPi working fine but small power - Cubieboard nice power but not produce sound)

Many thanks help or info about it.



Not news about working sound for Cubie ?

Thanks info