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Xbmc with full hd

Started by Tokka, February 14, 2014, 10:47:21 am

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i was tring to recompile xbmc to add the full hd support, but i've some trouble with libcedar  :-\
So i used my old xbmc, and now it give me a seg fault opening sd and hd movies ???
But it works with full hd  :o :o
But not all... :'(
Opening a .mov file, it run perfect, and with a .mkv the xbmc screen flash, and after a bit disappear, and the film is fully visible....but audio/video are not sinc  :-\
Making some changes, now sd and hd files are played too, but with the full hd rules, and it is not good :-\
I know, is a bit confused...sorry  :-[
CB1 (A10) - Qbee-X_TMC


If your old xbmc is from a different linux distro, perhaps you're missing shared libraries or have incorrect versions.  Usually, older programs can use newer versions of shared libraries, but not the other way around.

Try running ldd on your xbmc executable to see which libs it uses.  Also try running it with strace (you may need to "apt-get install strace").


Hi Pat thanks for your answer :)
My xbmc was compiled on linaro, and an old kernel :-\
But i have to leave this experiment for a while, i found a more interesting way....may be :P :P
I will back on xbmc in a second moment, recompiling it with some changes  :-[ :-[
CB1 (A10) - Qbee-X_TMC