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No video from Cubieboard

Started by freedomotic, March 07, 2013, 11:37:27 am

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I connected my cubieboard to my VGA monitor with a hdmi-vga converter.
When I power on the board I see two leds: one red an another green.
But no video on the monitor. Converter and monitor works well with raspberry.
Is there a way to interact with the board? A connection by SSH? What's the default IP of the cubieboard?
Thanks for your help


--HDMI -> VGA is flaky and not really supported on the Cubieboard. 

--I have had good results with HDMI -> DVI using an Amazon cable and a Viewsonic VA2431wm monitor; the monitor has to be capable of displaying HD 1080x720.

--Cubieboard should get a DHCP address from your router; login to your router and check the DHCP leases.  I have no experience with the Android that comes with the board (yet) - I'm running Linaro Linux from a microSD card on mine.


I received the Cubieboard a couple of days ago.

The board came up but no video. I am using a HD monitor connected to a HDMI-DVI cable. The HDMI end is connected to the Cubieboard.  This setup is known working with the Raspberry Pi board.

I plugged in the serial cable and found that the serial port is working.  I am getting a blank prompt but I can do basic commands such as ls, pwd...  The Android image does not seem very user friendly with a root user on the serial port.

I am not sure if this failure is hardware or software.  This is not a very good first user experience. Please help.  Thank you.