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how to find out why theres no sound on a video?

Started by totalguy, February 06, 2014, 10:37:03 am

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so far up until today every video file i put on a memory stock and plugged into my cb2 running android off nand it has played every file type going. however i have a file that is not playing sound and i tried looking in the settings and couldnt get it to work yet it plays fine on my pc via windows media player or vlc media player.

its an avi file dont know about codecs as none stated in the filename. is there any other siftware i can put direct onto android on the nand that will work slightly better than whats on there already? not keen on the idea of xbmc to be honest i cant get on with it, but other software i would be interested to know about.


Look at logcat output. I guess you'll see something like "audio codec not supported". I already wrote about this, I guess you try to play audio with dts sound (aac and ac3 sometimes also not working) and hardware video playback is turned on. Have a look at fifth message in this thread:



thanks :) i wonder if vlc media player will work and not be slow if i get it from app store.

the filename says xvid but usually says acc or ac3 or x264 along with divx or xvid but not on this one. i am quite sure i have played many xvid and divx files before on there.

what i found with this file was sound was really quiet on my pc but when i played the file on my smart tv (it has its own player) it played fine and sound was fine.