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SOLVED: How do I extend lubuntu 1.06 to 4GB?

Started by CptanPanic, March 16, 2014, 09:19:37 am

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March 16, 2014, 09:19:37 am Last Edit: March 16, 2014, 11:37:44 am by CptanPanic
I inadvertaly followed the advice on how to reclaim lost space for 1.05, even though I have 1.06, and ended up loosing my root partition.  I think the problem is when I install I only have 3 partitions, whereas that howto started with 4.  Has anyone did this on 1.06?

93        0    3989504 nand
  93        1      65536 nanda
  93        2    2097152 nandb
  93        3    1810432 nandc


i assume that you want to extend your rootfs. So you have to determine, which nand-partition contains the rootfs. If it is the last one you can extend that last partition.

You need nand-part to do that. In principle you have to delete the last partition und create a new one which is extended to the end of your nand. Then reboot and execute resize2fs to enlarge the filesysteme to the neu partition size. resize2fs only works for ext4  if the partition is mountet !

This is how i did for 2 nand partitions (nanda and nandb). You have to add the third partition at the nand-part command ! And this nand-part version ist for A20. If you use a A10 then you have to look for the older version.
Resize  NAND-Partition to max nand capacity for further updates und upgrades.
Check nand space
$df -h

Show the existing partitons and mak a copy of the output !
$sudo nand-part /dev/nand     

Repartitioning the existing partitions with out a change, getting the rest of nand space to block 14778368
$sudo nand-part -f a20 /dev/nand 32768 'boot 131072' 'rootfs 14778368'   (add your third partition here)
$sudo reboot

$sudo resize2fs /dev/nandb
$sudo fdisk -l

Please post your successful solution here.


So it looks like the rootfs is the second partition.  Am I out of luck?

partition  1: class =         DISK, name =   bootloader, partition start =    32768, partition size =   131072 user_type=0
partition  2: class =         DISK, name =       rootfs, partition start =   163840, partition size =  4194304 user_type=0
partition  3: class =         DISK, name =        UDISK, partition start =  4358144, partition size =  3375104 user_type=0


This only works if partition 3 "UDisk" is empty.  Maybe UDisk = unused disk ? ;D