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Cubieez, Debian 7.3 ARMHF CT&CB2 version NAND+SD + XBMC

Started by drkbcn, January 20, 2014, 04:29:46 am

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I'm proud to present Cubieez, a Debian 7.3 with kernel 3.4.75, adapted from de original Cubieez A10 version for Cubieboard 2 (A20) and Cubietruck.

Whats new on Cubieez 1.0 (CT):

  • Kernel 3.4.75 with perfomance governor and NOOP I/O Scheduler (patwood's kernel branch)

  • Integrated WiFi supported

  • 2 GB RAM support

  • Optical out (SPDIF) driver

  • Updated iceweasel

  • Moved to Debian 7.3 ARMHF

Some features of Cubieez for CT A20:

  • CPU governor set to performance

  • I/O Scheduler to NOOP increases perfomance on flash devices

  • Kernel 3.4.75 with ARMHF from patwood's branch

  • Based on Debian 7.3 Wheezy, creating the rootfs from zero for Cubie

  • Kernel support to major USB Wi-Fi adapters

  • Clock & date synchro with fake-hwclock (via ntp)

  • Debian 7.3 ARMHF repository (better than Ubuntu one)

  • LXDE base desktop with low mem consumption

  • audio CODEC (jack audio), sunhdmi (HDMI audio) and SPDIF

  • microSD activity to green led (you can change it to blue into rc.local)

  • X11VNC, SSH (SFTP too) and other basic utils installed

  • iceweasel browser

  • Gnome Mplayer (less CPU consumption than lxmusic)

  • Benchmark tools (@ /root)

  • Lightweight, only 2GB microSD required. Can be expanded to bigger ones.

users: root / cubie
unified password: cubieboard (change it on first boot, please)
Default IP: (edit /etc/network/interfaces)

A nameserver must be added to: /etc/resolv.conf (nameserver )

Download "1.0" 3.4.75 from:

Download Cubieez 1.0 (Cubietruck A20 version) (478 MB, md5: pending)
Mirror: Download Cubieez 1.0 (Cubietruck A20 version) (478 MB, md5: pending)
Mirror (provided by mno): Download Cubieez 1.0 (Cubietruck A20 version) (478 MB, md5: e70d8f5b0958beb2c19bc00b5aeeaae7)

Download "1.0" 3.4.65 NAND image from:

Download "Debieez" (NAND port of Cubieez done by Cubietech) (582 MB, md5: pending)

Download XBMC binaries (Beta):

XBMC binaries for A10,A20 (compiled by Juan Font @juanfont)
Mirror (provided by mno): XBMC binaries for A10,A20 (md5: 2a76bdfe32dc2411e794bd184b8b6dea)

To make XBMC work:

Just uncompress on "/" and run "/allwinner/xbmc-pvr-binhf/lib/xbmc/xbmc.bin".

And install:
sudo apt-get install libssh-4 libmicrohttpd10 libtinyxml2.6.2 libyajl2 liblzo2-2 libpython2.7 libpcrecpp0 libhal1 libhal-storage1

Working on Cubieboard 2 replacing the attached "script.bin" (rename "script.cubie2" to "script.bin").

EDIT: Added NAND version done by Cubietech team :) Thanks to Benn and all Cubietech team for their support.
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great!!  thanks for sharing.

i have a question, it is possible to watch youtubes? and 720p H264 videos?


Quote from: arrhenius on January 20, 2014, 06:32:37 am
great!!  thanks for sharing.

i have a question, it is possible to watch youtubes? and 720p H264 videos?

Try with HTML5 version of Youtube, it's the only way right now.
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What is the status of hardware accelerated video decoding? In mplayer or vlc?




I tested this version and I got a problem with the screen resolution. I'm not able to change it, xrandr is not able to recognize the display (and two others) properly.
does the wifi radar works with WPA2 encrypted network?

//edit: My Hashes

CRC-32: d27e0c3e
MD4: 09b774cbfb694089fe95057e40d551d7
MD5: e70d8f5b0958beb2c19bc00b5aeeaae7
SHA-1: 194386338ded895aa187af0f57ada043d793cdb9



Added the NAND version of Cubieez done by Cubietech guys (called Debieez). This version isn't maintaned by myself and doesn't includes the 3.4.75 pattwood's kernel branch.

Bugs, suggestions and others are welcome.
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Hi: I am not able to download. It just pretends and there is nothing in my download folder.


Bravo!! It's a great distribution! 2D working (it doesn't have the 3D tests). I've tested it a little bit and I've some suggestions:

- Add the sunxi tests (I've tried to find them in the test folder of /root, but there's only the GLXgears).
- Video doesn't plays at fullscreen, it's always at the original size.
- The audio doesn't play at the first boot. You must put it at the hdmi output and reboot it.

It could be great to have:

- Compiled XBMC (maybe the openpctv distribution could give us some clues about how to compile it).
- Bluetooth (When the module driver works well, i hope soon).
- Transmission client (the client that exists now in the repo it's a bit old...).

Thanks a lot! If you need to test things let me know :)


I am not able to download from MEGA on firefox ubuntu. I did it 3 times,
each time different file size. Two files were downloaded:
Cubieez_1.0.0_Cubietruck-1.7z  Cubieez_1.0.0_Cubietruck.7z
The second one has size 0 bytes. Could you please put the image
somewhere under ?
Many thanks in advance.



Mirror added (Google Drive). I don't have access to Cubieboard/Cubieforums FTP.
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I guess I must be an idiot :o! I can't seem to connect to my wifi with my ct. Wifi Radar sees my net work but can't get an ip address. I'm using dhcp and wpa2 personal, any hints? ???