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What if using a power supply lower than 2A

Started by Scott, February 25, 2013, 11:41:09 am

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It's hard to find a 5V-2A power supply and I don't happen to have a PSP. so I have to use my Phone's 5V-0.8A adapter. the question is: Would the cubie get slower in this case?


The Cubieboard should boot even with 500mA given by the usb port so you should be fine, unless you have some usb or sata hard disk plugged in then i guess it won't boot up at all.

Here is the power consuption that Alexandr Shutko posted this on the mailing list a couple of days ago

Cubieboard 1G ram 2012-09-09:

459mA - running stress test (stressapptest) with ethernet connected
389mA - running stress test (stressapptest)
286mA - idle (performance mode) with ethernet connected
222mA - idle (performance mode)
211mA   - idle, GPU_freq=100MHz with ethernet connected
136mA   - idle, GPU_freq=100MHz


Cubieboard 1G ram 2012-09-09 + ethernet + sata ssd smp35 64Gb disk as root:
904ma - running stress test (stressapptest + dd if=/dev/zero of=/file + scp copy of 1G file)
448ma - idle at performance mode (1Ghz)
360ma - idle at 100MHz


i used a 1,2A power supply.
with connected hdmi and ethernet, the ethernet connection was veeeery slow.
only connected the ethernet it ran well.
so i wouldn't suggest using a powersupply with less than 2A.


I regularly run the Cubieboard with a .5A phone charger; ethernet is fine.  You may be experiencing a different problem with the ethernet.  I only use the HDMI for framebuffer (text console), not a UI, so my power requirements may be a lot lower than yours.


Another option...  you could pick up a PSP AC adapter from Amazon for $10US.