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Moving rootfs to hdd not working - ends in boot loop

Started by thinx, January 15, 2014, 12:02:19 pm

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Hi Guys,

i've been trying several times to move the rootfs to my attached 2,5" HDD with no luck.
I am following this tut step by step and end up with the same result every time, even if i go this way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SA-6Wj_kN0

Everything seems fine until the reboot:

[hotplug]: cpu(0) try to kill cpu(1)
[hotplug]: try to kill cpu:1 failed!
Rebooting in 10 seconds..

Same with LUbuntu and Fedora.
Please help i'm a linux noob and i don't wan't my CPU's to kill each other!!! :)

edit: this is the tutorial http://docs.cubieboard.org/tutorials/ct1/installation/moving_rootfs_from_nandflash_to_hard_drive


I have the same problem.
Lubuntu 1.02
Please help to resolve it, if you already know how to do this.


I had just the bare minimum of Fedora 18 ARM installed on the uSD card.
With gparted, I formatted the hard drive, you need to make at least two partitions, one the size of your uSD card, the other the big one you want to use.

Running and not doing anything else, DD if=/dev/mmcblk0p3 of=/dev/sda2 [or what ever your smaller partition is]

Using e2fsck, check /dev/sda2 and repair if you need to
Then you need to edit uEnv about the third line, from /dev/mmcblk-p3 to /dev/sda2 [or what ever]

sudo shutdown -r now
It should reboot from the hard drive.
Now, since you are running from the smaller partition, dd as above but outfile to /dev/sda1

This should make sure that your file system is not corrupted. Use e2fsck to check it, resize it, recheck it.

Now edit uEnv to /dev/sda1.
Now copy /dev/mmblk0p3 to the second partion so that you have a fresh copy of the system not running in case you sometime install something that breaks your big partition.


Be carefull while editing the uEnv.txt.

Don't insert a CR or LF in the line of kernel parameter. "extraargs=console=ttyS0....." should be one line !


Thank you, folks!
/dev/hda1 was in read-only mode, don't know why.
So i recommend to mount your hdd partition and check if everything is ok,  before change uEnv.txt