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kernel boot problem from NAND&SD
« on: January 14, 2014, 08:32:41 am »
Dear all,

I have new Cubie2 A20. I am facing issues during boot. Either inbuilt android from NAND or ARCH Linux from SD does not  continue booting once UBOOT executed.
When I switch on module LEDs are lit. For deep troubleshooting I attached serial console output taken from UART. It is obvious that UBOOT loader is executed but kernel does not load and C2 modul resets itself. In particular I do not like these errors

[    0.989324] ctp_fetch_sysconfig_para: ctp_unused.
[    0.995724] rtc_hw_init(416) err: set clksrc to external losc failed! rtc time will be wrong
[    1.005247] sunxi_rtc_gettime(34): err, losc_err_flag is 1

I see RTC real time clock.Question is if RTC is important?
Can anybody experienced help me to identify error from attached log which prevents kernel boot or make me sure that might C2 has hw fault?
I need to recognize if board is DoA or there is some kind of misuse.
Going through this forum I suspect 5 Volt power supply also. I am actually feeding module via shipped cable (I will try USB via OTG also) from 1A 5volt PSU. I hope this is enough just for card without nothing attached(USB HDD, SATA disc,wifi,bluetooth etc.)

Any advice is appreciated a lot!

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