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A10/A20 Cubieboard Android UI can support 1920x1080 resolution?

Started by cubieking, June 23, 2013, 07:38:13 am

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Hi, guys

I like to know if A10/A20 Cubieboard Android UI can support 1920x1080 resolution? I mean the resolution of Android User Interface (UI), but NOT the Max HD Video Play Back Resolution that the HDMI can support.

Can someone try to set the screen resolution to be 1920x1080 in Android Setting, and then run the Antutu (the Android Test Tools) and see if Android on Cubieboard can really support 1920x1080 resolution?


Works for me, yes (on Cubietruck but it also worked on non Cubieboard A10 devices before that).



Did you set that screen mode in script.bin in this line: screen0_output_mode ?
In my file it is set to 4, which one to set the screen to 1980 x 1024?


In Cubietruck you can do it in the Android settings.

But I do have the suspicion that it actually does some kind of 720p upscaling as upclose, the text looks blurry on a Full HD screen. Need some more testing there.


It's definitely upscaled 720p. You can see that with Apps like sysinfo. I'm trying to find the relevant piece of code in sunxi's Android source, but had no luck so far.

Astonishingly, the cubieboard 1 supports "real" 1080p. I wonder, why this isn't enabled with cubietruck.


Did anyone figure out how to get real 1080p on Android on any of the Cubieboards? (I have Cubieboard 2 right now)


Thanks very much. But does that 1080p version also support dual-card CB2?