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independent power for SATA drive

Started by wantmymoneyback, February 24, 2013, 02:18:05 pm

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So far I have a 1 A USB power supply, not enough for a hard drive. At the local used computer store, I purchased a SATA to MoBo connector because they did not have SATA to PATA connectors in stock. Radio Shack has SATA to PATA connectors for $4 in  my area. I purchased a used PATA to USB box a few years ago. By connecting the SATA to MoBo red and black wires to a PATA plug (from an old computer) I am able to power my 2.5 inch hard drive with out any problems so far. The used computer store was out of used SATA 3.5 inch hard drives but now I'd like to try one using also the 12 V wires.

Today I moved booting of root filesystem from my memory card to the hard drive with problems.


Sorry, is this a question? I'm confused what you are trying to do.


Not sure what OP is trying to do, but I can tell what I have done.
I use standard PC ATX PSU to power CubieBoard and 3.5'' HDD.
Had to do some soldering, but it works perfectly!
Plus I did change 120mm cooler to slower, almost silent cooler.
(To turn on PSU without motherboard I had to short out green and black wire in 20 pin connector, diagram here: http://pinouts.ru/Power/atxpower_pinout.shtml )


I have build up my own little NAS and media center with the cubie:
For power I am using a bought 12 V 5A power supply + custom LM2576 buck regulator for 5V  on a perfboard. The main 3.5 HD is directly powered through a hacked sata power cable and the 12V and the 5V line.
The cubie is powered from the 5V. Furthermore an external USB HD casing (for backups) is connected to the 12 V line.


--Can you please post some pictures and more details / HOWTO for that ?  ;D


I would recommend open media vault for this sort of thing, as it has a fairly nice web ui for doing this.

You can install debian on cubie, add the repo for omv, then apt-get install omv and you're pretty much done...

(aside from plugging in a hard drive).

See http://www.openmediavault.org/ for how to from their repo.
See any of the posts or even builds on the forum for doing debian.


I'm using barracudadrive on my cubie for streaming media to Android / iOS and as file server ( http://barracudadrive.com/ )
It's easy to setup and to configure, it's accessible over internet too for streaming, not only local network. It has network ui too.
Thanks Lawrence for showing openmediavault, it looks interesting, I'll check that too :)