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mpd server

Started by patwood, January 01, 2014, 12:23:56 pm

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January 01, 2014, 12:23:56 pm Last Edit: January 05, 2014, 12:43:45 pm by patwood
I'm currently listening to a portable speaker connected to the HP jack on my CB1 running mpd. It's also streaming out a 128Kbit stream to port 8000; chrome plays it directly as do mplayer and vlc.

I've got Droid MPD Client 1.4 installed on my phone and tablet for remote control.

Currently playing:

[linaro-ubuntu-desktop]/etc: mpc
Rolling Stones - Neighbours
[playing] #33/98   0:33/3:33 (15%)
volume: 65%   repeat: on    random: on    single: off   consume: off

Next steps: output to BT and an HDMI sound bar.
Ultimate goals: stream to Chromecast app, integrate internet radio streams from pandora, spotify, etc.

Edit1: Okay, so streaming generic internet radio stations is simply a matter of dropping the m3u playlists into the /var/lib/mpd/playlists directory.  Now I need to decide if I want to bother recompiling mpd to enable the plugin.  Looks like pandora might be a pain to set up.

Edit2: So support has been discontinued as of version 0.18.  Bah! Humbug!  I enabled Soundcloud instead.  Now I just need to create an account.


Cheers Pat,

Spot on, I didn't even need to compile it, straight from the repo, 5 minute job.

Hooked it up to a and I have my own little Sonus like device for a fraction of the price. I have the volume control working too, brilliant!

Using the same client as you on the android and Auremo on the PC.


Nice.  Too bad that sound bar isn't marketed in the US.

I just ordered a Samsung HW-FM45C; it's coming on Wed, so I'll post here once it's working.

I've managed to get bluetooth working as well (not sure if it's stereo, as I'm only testing with an HMDX Jam); my only problem is that if I turn off the speaker (or the battery runs out), mpd fills up /var with log messages.  I managed to recompile it and disable that message, but not it just ramps up to 100% CPU and stops playing music and responding to the control socket.  Turning the speaker back on doesn't help.  Looks like some problem in how alsalib talks to the bluez code.  If anyone's seen this problem and has any suggestions (aside from forcing mpd to exit when it sees a bunch of these errors and simply letting upstart run it again, which is how I've worked around it for now), let me know.


Hi All,

I have found link with the following optimization for mpd:
Now, new project has been started: . We would kindly ask
authors to include our hardware like cubieboard 2/3 in their project.
I am going to use the mpd on the ct as well.

Have a nice evening, Chris


check out this project  ;)


Quote from: bigheart on March 12, 2014, 03:36:11 am
check out this project  ;)

Is it possible to install this from some repo? Or is the only way to install it all from a scratch and waste everything else already istalled?