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USB Hub,USB KeyBoard+TouchPad,Cases for cubie

Started by lsdy, February 22, 2013, 08:33:38 am

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Hello, i just buy cubie board and have some questions
Does USB Hub works fine on all ported OS? especially Linaro project,Lubuntu
Can i attach UsbKeyBoard with integrted TouchPad to  cubie?Are there this driver in Linux kernel
Where i can buy case for cubie?but i interesting in case not as sample case

Also are there some project of case that can be used with keyboard, i mean case that can be attached to keyboard to complete work stantion(without displey)


1) Yes
2) Assuming it pops up as a usb hub device with keyboard and mouse i don't see why not.
Thats how my wireless keyboard + separate mouse wireless usb presents itself to the cubie.
3) Not at the moment, but you can print one out if you have a 3d printer.

I printed the one Baastian made on thingiverse. (2nd print from the printer!)

Some options here on thingiverse.   

There are shops that will print 3d items for you if you don't have your own printer.


For 1 question i use Rapoo E2700 it works fine with cubie