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New ArchLinux nand image for cubietruck

Started by rose28357, December 29, 2013, 08:49:32 am

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i just installed your image on nand. everything works, but when i update the kernel or want to switch to mainline kernel, they are not booted.
instead it's always kernel version: 3.4.75+
the version linux-sun7i-3.4.103-5 or linux-armv7-4.0.0-1 install without problems, but i don't know how to boot them.
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April 24, 2015, 05:15:20 pm #16 Last Edit: April 24, 2015, 05:17:16 pm by tinx
You have to mount /dev/nand1 and replace uImage with your new one. This is probably where the uImage is loaded from on your device.

mount /dev/nand1 /mnt/
mv /mnt/uImage /mnt/uImage.bak
cp -a /boot/uImage /mnt/uImage
umount /mnt

I have had some trouble with the ALARM kernel. So please report back if it works well for you.



for the new  linux-sun7i version it works.
but kernel has no uImage File.
Do i have to copy all the files form /boot to /dev/nanda (its not called nand1 at my arch)?



I installed your NAND-Image - everything worked fine - but after system update via pacman -Syu I don't have my eth0 after startup.

dmesg|grep eth
[    2.462245] i2c-core: driver [synaptics-rmi-ts] using legacy suspend method
[    2.475061] i2c-core: driver [synaptics-rmi-ts] using legacy resume method
[    3.077792] i2c-core: driver [cptm1217] using legacy suspend method
[    3.089210] i2c-core: driver [cptm1217] using legacy resume method
[    7.950048] eth%d: device MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

lsmod gives me:
Module                  Size  Used by
sunxi_cedar_mod         9938  0
disp_ump                 861  0
mali                  110981  0
ump                    51915  2 mali,disp_ump
bcmdhd                497637  0
sunxi_gmac             29883  0

So, the driver is loaded, but eth0 isn't up.
As reported in posts before, dhcpcd eth0 brings up the device, but I want it to have a static IP...and that doesn't work. :(

I followed the instructions given at the Arch Wiki https://wiki.archlinux.de/title/Statische_IP, but I can't get eth0 up after boot.