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Started by rckburn, December 28, 2013, 11:11:57 pm

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I have been looking through this website and have been unable to find detailed instructions on how to overclock the cubieboard2. Can someone please help me? My script.bin file has been modified according to the first comment on this post,,626.msg3307.html#msg3307, but I have no idea how to perform the "This lets me do cpufreq-set -g ondemand -u 1.4G  stable" action. See here -
QuoteMy settins in script.bin for cubieboard 2. This lets me do cpufreq-set -g ondemand -u 1.4G  stable.
max_freq = 140000000
min_freq = 720000000
LV_count = 11
LV1_freq = 1400000000
LV1_volt = 1800
LV2_freq = 1350000000
LV2_volt = 1720
LV3_freq = 1300000000
LV3_volt = 1650
LV4_freq = 1250000000
LV4_volt = 1600
LV5_freq = 1200000000
LV5_volt = 1525
LV6_freq = 1008000000
LV6_volt = 1475
LV7_freq = 912000000
LV7_volt = 1425
LV8_freq = 864000000
LV8_volt = 1300
LV9_freq = 720000000
LV9_volt = 1200
LV10_freq = 528000000
LV10_volt = 1100
LV11_freq = 312000000
LV11_volt = 1050


From what I have seen in other posts, you need to run the command as is: 'cpufreq-set -g ondemand -u 1.4G'

That should set the CPU frequency. But be careful how far you go. I would stick to what people say works.


Thank you for the reply, I have it working now! Makes me feel stupid, when all that there was to do was simply drop the "stable" from the end of the command.


Just one more thing though, I did a reboot to see if the settings would stick, but its looking like I will have to do that command on startup every single time in order to always have the overclock. Is there a way to fix this so that it boots overclocked? Or at the least is there a way to set a terminal command to run at startup?


Add startup commands to the file /etc/rc.local.