Adding mSATA to your Cubietruck (a light weight work around)

Started by CubieNewb, December 20, 2013, 03:59:36 pm

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Hi all, I wanted to add mSATA to the Cubietruck to be able to mount small SSD drives to the Cubie. with this you'll be able to do it in about half the weight as a regular Samsung 840 EVO at 53 grams, or standard 840 at 63 grams (most other brands are heavier still). I generally stick with Samsung SSD drives.

With this I was able to add mSATA support up to 512GB and get the weight down to about 22gm, and a $40+ lower cost:

First I bought this mSATA to SATA adapter:

Be careful which adapter you buy - some of them are really huge - the same size as a full 2.5" laptop hard drive just to mount a tiny mSATA drive. The larger adapter weighs about 30 grams on its own - 40 grams with the mSATA drive connected.

I also found a nice Samsung 128GB mSATA SSD for $80 - free shipping. $40 Cheaper cost than an 840 EVO too (which is only 120GB with 111GB available).

The mount at the very top of the adapter is too high for your standard mSATA drives, and solder suckers and wicks failed my luck to get the thing off for me. So rather than having the extra 3 grams on the thing and fight with it further, I used a razor blade and straight edge and just cut the extra top 1/2 inch along with the top mount off of the PCB board. I used a small piece of insulated wire to mount and hold the SSD drive down to the adapter through the small hole that's made for the above disregarded mount. Plug it into your 5v and SATA connector and you're off and running with an mSATA drive on your CT - nice and light. Maybe in future releases, an mSATA connector on the bottom of the board would fit this need while leaving the SATA open to other drives. Right now we've got a 1.5 TB hard drive full of films on USB, and 128GB on the Samsung mSATA SSD. Of course if I need the space, I mount the 1.5 TB drive back to the CT.

BTW, for those of you who want a lot of storage space for your Cubies hard drive wise, Western Digital just bought out HGST, and HGST has a good one that's low power and only a 9.5mm profile: - LOTS of movies. Ours has about 900 films with plenty of space to go.



Hi! I have a ssd drive with msata. Did you connect msata drive to cubie? Do you have a scheme ?i suppousse that i need additional voltage regulator.


Thank you. But this adapter i can't buy today.   I suppose scheme is very simple and i can connect ssd faster.