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Contents of Indiegogo Cubieboard

Started by Thiago, February 18, 2013, 12:19:22 pm

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Not sure if this is the right place to post such a question.

Does anyone knows what should be the package contents from the Indiegogo campaign (Standard Package)?

I received mine with:

1 x Sata cable + power header
1 x CubieBoard
1 x PL2303 USB -> Serial TTL cable
1 x Power cable

Not sure if I should have received also:

1 x Mounting screws pack
1 x Acrylic Casing set (2 pieces of acrylic - top, bottom)

Can anyone please confirm?

Thanks in advance.


No idea, but shouldn't it be listed on the campaign page?

Worst case, you can always buy a set of the acrylic cover.
They're about 10rmb + shipping in China, so shouldn't be more than a few dollars if you don't mind slow post speeds.



Bought mine at Miniand - small version; only board, USB power + SATA cable. (great service btw; DHL delivery within one week.)
Finaly I came over, that those 16USD for the Dev Set, would not have been a waste..

I have recreated the simple acrylic case:

I picked some 500x500mm acrylic glass plate from our local hardware store for 5.49€ - there has been no smaller avaible, but the big leftover may be used in future projects.  :)
In addition to it, all you will need is a jigsaw, demel / proxxon or similiar multitool with drill & grinding heads, four M3 scews & twelve nuts.

took me some hours to fill the lack of accessories, at least still cheaper  ;D


Hi everyone,
i have a question. Is it possible to conect somthing like this?
And i mean over the I/O pins of the cubieboard.