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Writing to Nand Cubeez and wifi driver

Started by hrshovon, December 16, 2013, 04:48:03 pm

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December 16, 2013, 04:48:03 pm Last Edit: December 16, 2013, 04:49:46 pm by hrshovon
Hello guys,
I recently downloaded Cubeez image from this page,528.0.html
now the fact is...I replaced the cubie-config script by using the script given in the github page...but my cubieboard A20 isnt booting from NAND...nothing appears in the screen...what am I doing wrong????
I created a file named cubie-config in my windows pc,copied it to cubieboard and ran it.It appeared successfully with install to NAND option and I selected the three menus serially(I think thats what i did and I couldn't see the output since it was too quick but I think there was some error.)...btw I also copied the files from github page and copied the A20 folder to where it should be(I dont remember,sry :( but before putting it there,I couldnt even launch cubie-config)....can someone help me????
Its easy for  me to connect it to my pc and upload the OS image from phoenicSuit(I used it to write android,lubuntu images) can someone provide me with a NAND image???

Second thing...I have a TP Link WN727N USB wifi dongle and it has got Ralink2870 chip(I guess),I went through dmesg output and it says it can detect the device but cant load the firmware file...can someone provide me with the file????Its hard for me to use LAN in my house due to some reasons so if I could put the driver file into some directory using a USB drive,it would have been great!!!

Sorry for stupid questions but I am a kindof noob in Linux.


I have the same issue here. I run Cubieez 7.1 with Patwood's 3.4.67+ kernel from SD Card and, the cubie-config script from git does not work for me. The script seems to work, everything is ok according to the on screen messages but, when I reboot the cubieboard without SD Card, nothing happens, no blue LED, no green LED, only red one for power.
Help would be apreciated  :-\