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Just ordered my cubietruck and have a few questions about it

Started by LongFallGames, February 06, 2014, 08:30:22 pm

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   Okay so as im unable to afford a full computer i bought a cubietruck for until I can (at which time ill find some project for it, probably a cubie-laptop) but i do have a few questions. please answer what you can.

  • how suitable will this board be as my main computer (general speed, laggyness ect)

  • Is there any way to get regular unbuntu (not lubuntu) installed

  • can you install regular programs on it (worried about x86/64 vs arm)

  • will wine run on it?

  • if i cant install unbuntus regular version, having used unbuntu almost exclusivly as my linux of choice how much do you think fedora would bother me (how different is it)

  • opengl/direct3d support?

  • can you hook up a 2.5in hdd right out of the box

  • can you install the OS to the HDD / is there a benificial difference in speed?

again dont feel obligated to answer them all just what you can/feel like. thank you.