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sata os install

Started by celica728, February 05, 2014, 05:49:22 pm

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I have a cubieboard2 and have attached a 320gb sata hard drive. I would like to install a linux os onto this and not run on the sd card while leaving android on the nand. Thought I had read this was possible with ubuntu but can't find the instructions. Also is wireless possible with on the android install with a RT2870 chipset or whatever linux os I can install on the sata drive?


This tutorial explains moving from nand but just change it to the sd card:  ;)

What I did with my 120GB sata is partition it into 30GB quarters, so for example that it has cubian, debian, linaro and openpctv, keeping original android in nand. Then boot with a fat16 sd card but when changing os, edit uEnv.txt boot location. An exception with OpenPCTV requires it's own SD card to boot.  :)