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My Cubieboard is dead in only some days. Don't buy this product!

Started by César, February 17, 2013, 10:55:08 am

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I've purchased a Cubieboard last month and the problems starts since the beginning.
Flashed Android in internal memory stopped to boot after 3 or 4 tries.

Then I installed Ubuntu Linaro in a microSD card, i plugged a USB hard drive, i configured some applications for server and downloading purposes.
After some days, my Cubieboard hangs everyday and i had to power off and power on manually.

I had tried to change hard disk, connectors, adapters, configuration of linux system even changing cpu frequency to prevent heat problems, but the hangs were continuing.

Finally, after some days my Cubieboard has definitively died and it does not start anymore (i have tried with both USB and miniUsb connectors).

My friends have bought some units and they have similar problems too.

I have wasted my time and money buying and using this product.
I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.
I'm really disappointed with it.


I've had a couple working for a few weeks solid without issues.
I'm in touch with many people on the irc list also, none of whom complain about hardware issues.

So far most of the problems I've seen are due to insufficient power or unregulated power into the cubie.
How are / were you powering it?
That might be the culprit.

If you do have a valid issue, you can arrange for a replacement for a faulty unit with your vendor.

I've deleted your user.  Not because I disagree with your right to complain, but I disagree with the way you did it.
Posting the same message to *every* single forum in this site is extremely bad manners.


Hi. I have created my user again only to be able to post this answer.

You are right Lawrence. I was totally wrong with the way i have proceded.
I was frustrated and dissapointed with my defective Cubieboard unit.

And the solution was simple. Tom Cubie is going to do a free replacement.

Iam sorry to all Cubieboard community.


Thank you both for resolving this issue.

I think that there are bound to be issues with any hardware or software and since we cannot dictate what software/OS/power supply and other hardware gets used with the Cibieboard we are going to have people complaining out of frustration. Often these things are individual cases and subject to how we ourselves have used the device.

This happens on all product forums, however, it does not mean that the product is bad. Of course, if it happens a lot, then it may look like there are issues with the design but this is not the case here.

I can only see Cubieboard going from strength to strength with the support of this community and feedback to/from the producer. Good job.