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tTorrent and Access Denied

Started by JohnPak79, November 25, 2013, 08:12:04 am

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Hi! I am usign a Cubieboard 2 (running the latest version of Android downloaded from and I've just instal tTorrent. I want to download torrents on the external SD card (a 16GB SanDisc formatted as FAT32) or an external USB (again FAT32).

Every time that I am trying to download a torrent it says something like: EACCESS (Permission Denied).

How I can solve this problem? From a web search I can see that something is locked at the kernel side...
Any help?


is torrent file below 4gb? what about write to sd card with other program, it work?


Non of the torrent programs that I've download work! And I've try something like 5-6 of them!!!

The file is way below 4GB as it is for FAT32 and not NTFS.


I have the same problem with any torrent program on the android image version 1.06. Any help would be really appreciated.