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configure server on Cubietruck need help :)

Started by dziello, March 11, 2014, 04:54:36 am

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Hello, I want to use my Cubietruck as server for my file.
I want to configure it to have access to file from my Windows laptop android smartphone and I want to use it for stream media as film and music from cubie server on PC and smarthone . And I want to have access to my file in my local Wifi network and from outside to. I am a little newbie in linux . I have pleased for some tutorials how to do it and some advice which Linux distribution will be best for that to cubietruck.

Thanks a lot for advice :)


Quote from: dziello on March 11, 2014, 04:54:36 am
which Linux distribution will be best for that to cubietruck....

it varies from person to person. but if you use Lubuntu, you can use raspberry pi tutorials for your cubie board

there are many ways to do it, and all has its merits.
but, IMO FTP(for uploading/downloading files) + DNLA(streaming video/musics) is the best easiest way.

you can use raspberry pi tutorials, just remember to change all applicable variables (e.g username, ip address, directory,etc...)
installing FTP
installing DLNA

after that you should be able to access your server with apps

for accessing from outside is a bit complex for anyone with limited networking background
however, if you feel you are up to it,

my advice to you is to Google it, since there are many tutorial for raspberry pi that can be used in cubieboard1/2/3

if you want to do it the easy way, use android image for cubieboard,  :P(not recommended)

P.S. if you are a pure pc newbie, my post wont help you much.lolz


Thanks a lot for you reply I will try, there is a lot of usefull information :)

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