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ALSA bit-perfect output

Started by kevin, November 25, 2013, 06:07:05 am

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Hi Nikkov,

Actually i ma new i2s protocol,
can you say what is difference pcm mode and i2s mode?.
How can i configure it?




for our project we are playing with the cubietruck i2s functions and want to use all i2s channels. Has anyone tried this yet?

Our goal is to build an AC3/DTS software decoder (capturing SPDIF, playback I2S multichannel). For this we also want to use the spdif input (Pin PB12) of the cubietruck, but have not found any information about that. Can anyone give us a hint?

Best regards,


I added to SPDIF driver for cubietruck support playback 24bit audio and capture feature 16/24b. Kernel code source:
Note: capture works with LR channels swapping


Hi nikkov,

we tried your kernel, but it doesn't work for us. How have you connected the Spdif out to Spdif in? Have you directly connected PB12 to PB13 (TP12 to CN9,Pin23 (disconnected R180, connected R181)) or have you used some kind of logic level shifting? Do you know what kind schematics we need to connect a SPDIF Coax, e.g., from a sound card, to the CN9, Pin23?

Best regards,


Hi othiman
Yes, I directly connected TP12 to CN9,Pin23 (disconnected R180, connected R181). And, of course, I changed fex-file.
If you want connect real coax SPDIF you must use to logic level converter, e.g. with adm1485 or simple logic like 74HC04.