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name of connectors to plug onto the male header pins

Started by wantmymoneyback, February 13, 2013, 04:29:38 pm

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I would like to buy the female connectors that slide onto the pins. For example, like the two pin connector for the power to the SATA cable.

No one at Radioshack or a local electronics store understands what I am requesting.

What is the name of those small plugs for the pins? I assume they just clamp on bell wire and then I would have access to the pins.


This might help. They are called a "2 pin 2.54mm connector" on the Cubie schematic. The link below has wires already attached.

They appear to be the same connectors that are used on some pc fans. There should have been one with your Cubie board. It will not power a 3.5 inch drive. A 5/12 volt 2amp hard drive power supply is available on ebay cheap but you will have to solder a sata power connector on it to power a 3.5 inch drive.