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CubieTruck: Defect or bad quality?

Started by roop, November 10, 2013, 09:14:56 am

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November 10, 2013, 09:14:56 am Last Edit: November 10, 2013, 09:29:49 am by roop
Hi guys.

I got my Cubie3 for 3 days now and it's nothing but trouble.
Here the short story:

The first time I've tried to boot it up nothing happend (it hung at the android logo forever).
After that I flashed Lubuntu server and it hung with an "ureadahead main process terminated with status 5" error... forever. Finally after the second flash (Lubuntu server again) it booted up (the error still came up).

After a while under workload the cpu (I guess) began to emit strange sounds and the whole system sometimes froze for serveral seconds. Mounting my external Disk finally messed everything up...
It now once again hangs forever on startup =(

Do you have similar problems or was it just bad luck this time?



Hi roop,
I've a similar issue: I've created an SD with linaro server using the tutorial on (sometimes it starts, other times no), when it starts I can use it, upgrade it, reboot it, but when I turn it off at the next start the CT freeze with blue led on.
I've not much time to spent on it, but if I'll find some solution I'll tell you


Do you have solid PSU?

I have CT for a week now and also having troubles but booting from SD card (Debian ... or anything else). Since both micro SD cards which I have at the moment are middle / low quality I cannot be sure where is the problem. Today I made order for Transcend Micro 16GB C10 (TS16GUSDHC10) and I hope that one will work ok.

I booted stock Android few times than installed Lubuntu server on NAND and is always working O.K. I can mount SATA drive, wired and wireless is working ... but Ubuntu is too buggy and not an option for a base.
Debian and Ubuntu images with kernel 3.4.110, 4.3.3, 4.4